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Intergrate Facebook with the interface of your phone


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Facebook Home is a new Facebook application for Android phones which allows users to integrate a mobile phone interface from the popular social network, and benefit from lots of totally new features.

The most novel and interesting feature of Facebook Home is the new chat system, allowing you to continue talking with your contacts while using other applications. The procedure is very simple: you will see the faces of your Facebook friends floating on the top of your home screen and you only have to press them to open a conversation. Also, you can drag them to the trash to remove them from your home screen.

The lock screen can also be set to see a 'stream' of new pictures from your friends, so you do not have to unlock the phone to see the new developments that are happening in your circle. In addition, you can activate the option to view status updates directly on your home screen.

Facebook Home is one of the best social tools that you can install on your Android. When combined with other Facebook applications, it is able to create a social experience truly amazing.